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    Black & OCD


    Destigmatizing Mental Health and Centering the Black OCD Community

  • Black & OCD Resource Site Outreach

    Building CommUNITY for Black Americans with OCD and their Providers

    - Interested in outreach efforts geared toward Black Americans with OCD and their families/caregivers?
    - Seeking consultation or training opportunities as a clinician/therapist treating Black Americans with OCD?

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    IOCDF 28th Annual OCD Conference

    July 6th - 9th, 2023

    July 8th, 2023: 9::45 am - 11:45 am PT
    Valerie Andrews, Uma Chatterjee, Rachel Ehrenberg, Alexandra Reynolds, Darlene Davis Goodwine (Discussant)

    In My Shoes: Highlighting the Realities of the BIPOC and Cultural Road to Recovery


    Join a diverse group of BIPOC advocates for an intimate discussion about the unique challenges that they have faced on their roads to OCD recovery, and how they’ve overcome these unique challenges. This conversation will address topics including but not limited to: culture, race, faith, intersecting identities, and how these factors shape treatment, recovery, and community support. This interactive presentation will be a wonderful opportunity to facilitate not only a conversation between fellow BIPOC-impacted individuals but also to raise awareness, break the stigma, discuss opportunities for further action, and bridge the gap of inequality. This collaborative space will promote inclusivity and visibility for historically underrepresented groups, and all are welcome.



    Centering the

    Black Voice and...

    Affirming the

    Black & OCD Experience

  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

    Black Americans in the U.S. are suffering with OCD at a rate equivalent to the larger U.S. population but are less likely to have access to treatment. When able to find help, few Black Americans with OCD receive the recommended specialized treatment and fewer Black Americans with OCD use medication (Himle et al., 2008).

    Black youth and adults with OCD are underserved in the mental health community and underrepresented in OCD research. ~IOCDF 2012, 2016

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    The Key to Wellness

    Unlocking the Code to Living with OCD: Find the information and resources that cover the OCD-5:

    How - What - When - Where -Why


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    The central platform for all things OCD-related that connects and impacts broadly the Black community and specifically the Black OCD community.


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    Each One, Reach One

    Connecting youth, parents, family members, community partners, and mental health professionals. Bridging the gap between help-seeking and services provided for individuals and families dealing with OCD.


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