Recruitment of African Americans for OCD Treatment Research

G. Michalopoulou, P. Falzarano and D. Rosenberg


A systematic review of recruitment approaches was conducted as a step towards creating a culturally sensitive approach to enhance participation of African Americans into our Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) treatment research. From this review, a recruitment plan providing a collaborative partnership between the African American community and the clinical investigators was adopted. We sought to increase participation in OCD research by developing culturally sensitive educational materials, implementing strategies such as recruiter ethnic match, encouraging individuals to participate by a pastor, and providing education in the community that attempted to decrease stigmatization of mental illness and target cultural suspicion of institutional research. Despite positive responses from direct community involvement at churches and efforts to increase minority participation by utilizing recruiters and recruitment materials representative of the population, difficulties in recruitment remained.


Reference: Journal of Health Disparities Research and Practice (2009)